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URCRM – global WHO Rempan and BioDoseNet network member
In accordance with the Order of the Ministry of Health and Medical Industry of Russia № 70 as of February 26, 1996 the Urals Research Center for Radiation Medicine of the FMBA of Russia is a WHO Collaborating Center for radiation medicine and emergency medical care in case of radiation emergencies. URCRM is involved in the WHO REMPAN (Radiation Emergency Medical Preparedness and Assistance Network) program.

The main tasks of the URCRM are:

  • ensuring preparedness for radiation emergencies and response
  • health risk assessment of low dose and low dose-rate exposure
  • development of follow-up methods for the exposed population
  • development and improvement of medical and dosimetric databases
  • development and improvement of cytogenetic method of biodosimetry
  • management of psychosocial consequences of radiation emergencies
  • assisting WHO in developing programs and in organizing and conducting studies related to the health effects of radiation exposure
  • organization of staff education and training, scientific conferences in the field of radiation medicine
  • participation in international events and programs.