Laboratory of Molecular and Cellular Radiobiology
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Acting head of the Laboratory, PhD (Biology)
Evgeniya Blinova
The laboratory team studies the mechanisms of molecular genetic and cellular responses to the effects of ionizing radiation in the range of low doses and low dose rates.
Areas of research activity:
  • search and identification of molecular and genetic markers of radiation-induced cell and tissue damage, as well as markers of early and long-term effects of human exposure
  • study of molecular genetic mechanisms underlying individual radiosensitivity of a person and predisposition to radiation-induced pathologies
  • development of molecular genetic approaches to assess individual radiosensitivity and to personalize the risks of long-term effects of chronic exposure of people
  • study of the effects of chronic radiation exposure on molecular genetic, quantitative and functional indicators of the immune system of a person
  • conducting preclinical studies of new innovative cellular products and methods for diagnosing the medical effects of exposure.
The laboratory has developed methods to assess the genetic risk of malignancies based on a combination of allelic polymorphisms of repair genes, apoptosis, cell cycle, immune and antioxidant systems, as well as single cell DNA studies to evaluate hematopoietic stem cells of exposed individuals.
Predictors of leukemia in exposed people have been developed and implemented in the URCRM Clinical department.


Acting head, PhD of Bio.Sci. – Evgeniya Blinova
Researcher, PhD of Bio.Sci. – Ekaterina Kodintseva
Junior researcher – Vladislav Nikiforov
Junior researcher – Alisa Kotikova
Senior laboratory technician - N. Litvinenko
Senior technician - F. Shafikova
Senior laboratory technician - Mariya Yanishevskaya