Database"Man" Department
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Head of the Department
Nikolay Startsev

The information basis for medical follow-up of exposed population and analysis of medical consequences of radiation exposure is the medical and dosimetric database "Man". The registry of the exposed population began to be formed in the URCRM in 1967 and contains personalized information about both the exposed people themselves and their offspring.

Areas of research activity:
  • information support for the scientific and practical work of the Center
  • ensuring the physical data safety
  • development and improvement of methods for annual updating of information
  • updating of data about cause of death, vital status and migration.
Several cohorts have been created to perform epidemiological analysis (the South Urals Population of Exposed Radiation (SUPER) cohort, the cohort of Antenatally Exposed Population, and the cohort of First-Generation Offspring of exposed parents). The vital status of the cohort members is updated annually. Medical certificates of death are the sources of information about cause of death. The catchment area where the information is updated includes the administrative territory of the Chelyabinsk and Kurgan Oblasts.

Head of the department – Nikolay Startsev
Senior engineer - Ludmila Maltseva
Senior engineer - Zinaida Barsukova
Engineer - Tatiana Lukinykh
Senior administrator of Database - Svetlana Tryapitsyna
Senior laboratory technician - Olga Zholobova
Senior laboratory technician - Olga Kochneva
Senior laboratory technician - Elena Reshetkova
Senior engineer - Viktor Krivoshchapov