Laboratory of Radiation Genetics
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Head of the Laboratory, PhD (Biology)
Alexandra Vozilova

The team of the laboratory studies genetic and cytogenetic effects of chronic ionizing radiation in a wide range of doses on the human body.
Areas of research activity:
  • analysis of health and cytogenetic effects in exposed persons and their offspring in chronic radiation exposure
  • development and implementation of methods of biological indication of radiation exposure and human biological dosimetry
  • study of the predisposition of man to radiation induced effects
  • detection of mutations in bone marrow cells in oncohaematological patients (chronic leukemia and hemoblastosis)
  • evaluation of the parental exposure contribution to transgenerational effects in offspring
  • analysis of the impact of a complex of radiation and non-radiation factors on health and life expectancy in chronically exposed persons and their offspring.
The laboratory commissioned three automated workstations for searching, digitizing, documenting, storing and cytogenetic analysis of metaphases in different types of staining; mastered the method of 24-color chromosome staining by fluorescent in situ hybridization (FISH); developed a methodology using different staining methods (whole-chromosome, 24-color, locus-specific FISH, GTG differential staining) to study bone marrow cells in oncohaematological patients.
Methods of calculating doses from external exposure based on the frequency of translocations in peripheral blood lymphocytes were developed in collaboration with the staff of the Biophysics laboratory


Head of the laboratory, PhD (Biology) – Alexandra Vozilova
Researcher, PhD (Biology) – Julia Akhmadullina
Junior reseacher - Yana Krivoshchapova
Senior technician F. Shafikova
Senior laboratory technician - N. Savkova