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Acting Head of the Biophysics Laboratory, Doctor of Sciences in Biological Sciences
Elena Shishkina

The laboratory conducts research in the field of radiation dosimetry to ensure radiation protection of people living in conditions of radioactive contamination, develops methods for indication of radiation exposure and assessment of external and internal radiation doses to people of different sex and age.

Areas of research activity:
  • monitoring 137Cs и 90Sr radionuclide content in residents of the Southern Urals on a unique Sich-9.1M measuring unit to assess dynamics of radiation situation in the region where one of the largest radiation hazardous facilities in the Russian Federation - Mayak PA - is located
  • effect of radioactive Sr on a person, including assessment of radionuclide intake by the population (including children and pregnant women); analysis of strontium biokinetics and accumulation of Sr in bone tissues; modeling of radiation energy transfer in the body and calculation of doses in radiosensitive bone marrow cells
  • development and improvement of software for calculating external and internal radiation doses to people of different sex and age (including the intrauterine period) living in conditions of environmental radioactive contamination
  • development of methods for retrospective dose assessment based on the analysis of radiation-induced stable radicals in tooth enamel and chromosome aberrations in blood lymphocytes for a reliable use of these methods for combined external and internal human exposures
  • development of dosimetry systems and reconstruction of individual doses in cohorts of exposed population of the Southern Urals, which are under epidemiological follow-up, in order to assess the lifetime risk of long-term effects of radiation exposure and the subsequent integration of the results into the system of radiation protection.
The laboratory team has developed:

  • the new TRDS-2016 dosimetry system which made it possible to calculate individual doses for more than 60 thousand people under epidemiological follow-up
  • A new approach to estimating radiation dose from cytogenetic examinations of people exposed to 90Sr at a different age

  • Software to calculate in utero radiation doses from maternal intake of 137Cs and 90Sr radionuclides
  • human skeletal dosimetric model, taking into account the macro- and microstructure of the bone tissue, designed to estimate the dose distribution in the bone marrow.

Special equipment and software
SICH-9.1M Whole Body Counter
Biophysics laboratory has a unique scientific installation for measuring the content of radionuclides (40-K, 137-Cs and 90-Sr) in a human's body - SICH-9.1M Whole Body Counter (certificate RU.E.39.001.A № 2324).

Acting Head of the Laboratory, Doctor of Sciences in Biological Sciences – Elena Shishkina
Leading researcher, Doctor of Sciences in Biological Sciences – Evgeniya Tolstykh
Head of SICH group, senior researcher, PhD (Technical Sciences) – Nikolay Bugrov
Researcher, PhD (Technical Sciences) - Alexandra Volchkova
Senior engineer - Elena Tokareva
Junior researcher - Pavel Sharagin
Senior technician - Vera Ivanenko
Technician - Raisa Mikusheva