URCRM has intellectual property (patents, state registration certificates, know-how) which is the basis for the tasks of the institution.

  1. Patent. Method of differential diagnosis of obligate forms of precancer and malignant neoplasms. Registered in the State Register of Inventions 20.02.1998 г. № 2105306.
  2. Patent. Method for non-invasive in vivo evaluation of the physiological state of fish. Patent of the Russian Federation for an invention № 2596498 dated 10.08.2016 г.
  3. Database "Medical Dosimetric Database "Man and Environment". Registered in the Database Registry 23.04.2008 № 2008620181.
  4. Software application "Modelling and visualisation of xenobiotic migration in heterogenious environment". Certificate of state registration № 2014660108 dated 01.10.2014.
  5. Software application "Determination of probabilities of xenobiotic migration vectors in a heterogeneous environment". Certificate of state registration № 2014660107 dated 01.10.2014.
  6. Software application "Calculation of the density of radioactive soil contamination". Certificate of state registration № 2014660109 dated 01.10.2014
  7. Software application "Calculation of specific activity of Sr-90 in samples of natural objects according to radiochemical analysis". Certificate of state registration № 2014660106 dated 01.10.2014.
  8. Software application "Calculation of specific activity of Сs-137 in samples of natural objects according to radiochemical analysis". Certificate of state registration № 2014619958 dated 25.09.2014.
  9. Software application «EPR-dosimetry performance». Certificate of state registration № 20144610805 dated 17.01.2014 г.
  10. Patent. Method for predicting leukemia in chronically exposed people ronic radiation (variants). Certificate of state registration № 2713458 dated 05.02.2020.
  11. Patent. Method of emergency prevention and treatment of acute radiation syndrome (variants). Certificate of state registration № 2699040 dated 03.09.2019.
  12. Patent. Liposome, pharmaceutical composition and drug for treatment of local radiation skin lesions, application of liposomes and method for treatment of local radiation skin lesions. Certificate of state registration № 2642957 dated 29.01.2018 г.
  13. Software application "Trabecula". Certificate of state registration № 2019617090 dated 03.07.2019 г.
  14. Software application "Program for calculating internal dental enamel radiation doses from 90Sr incorporated in dental tissues". Certificate of state registration № 2017618397 dated 01.08.2017 г.
  15. Software application «Program for dose calculation of in utero exposure of people as a result of their mothers' residence in the Techa Riverside settlements». Certificate of state registration № 2017618466 dated 02.08.2017 г.
  16. Know-how «Cause of death coding system». Order № 196 dated 08.08.2012.
  17. Know-how «Improved method for assessing the proliferative activity of human peripheral blood lymphocytes by flow cytometry». Order № 196 dated 08.08.2012.
  18. Know-how «Methodology for determining the degree of toxicity of bottom sediment samples from freshwater bodies of water using small bristle worms Tubifex tubifex Mull as a test object». Order № 196 dated 08.08.2012.
  19. Know-how «Method of psychological correction of psychosomatic diseases and comorbid neurotic disorders». Order № 196 dated 08.08.2012.
  20. Know-how «Method of obtaining local radiation lesions of the skin in mice using the CyberKnife radiosurgical system as a source of ionizing radiation». Order № 23 dated 23.01.2014.
  21. Know-how «Geographic Information System (GIS) «Fregat-Techa». Order № 373 dated 14.07.2014.
  22. Know-how «Determination of an increased risk of malignant neoplasms based on a combination of allelic polymorphisms of reparation, apoptosis, and cell cycle genes». Order № 349 dated 30.07.2015.
  23. Know-how «Determination of protective combination of allelic polymorphisms in relation to malignant neoplasms». Order № 349 dated 30.07.2015.
  24. Know-how «Method of DNA extraction for molecular genetic studies from fixed cell suspensions used for cytogenetic analysis». Order № 606 dated 17.12.2015.
  25. Know-how « Calculation of volumetric activities of man-made radionuclides (H-3, Sr-90, Cs-137) in the Techa River along the entire length of the stream based on a single field measurement». Order № 607 dated 17.12.2015.
  26. Know-how «Mmethod of psychorehabilitation for patients with oncohematological diseases». Orderз № 550 dated 18.10.2016.
  27. Patent. Liposomal drug for the treatment of local radiation skin lesions. Patent of the Russian Federation for an invention RU 2712079 C1 dated 24.01.2020.