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Organizational structure of the URCRM
The current structure of the URCRM allows solving the main tasks facing the organization and includes both scientific divisions (Clinical department, Experimental department, Laboratories: epidemiology, biophysical) and practical ones (Clinical department, "Database "Man" department, Chelyabinsk Interdepartmental Expert Council on the establishment of causal connection of diseases, disability and death with radiation exposure), as well as management bodies (Academic Council, administrative part, etc.).

Merging of scientific laboratories (molecular and cellular radiobiology, radiation genetics and ecological pathopsychology) with the Clinical department enables to successfully solve unique medical problems in exposed people, caused by irregular exposure of the body with prevailing exposure of red bone marrow and organs of the immune system.

The Department of Radiation Biology of Chelyabinsk State University has been functioning at the premises of the URCRM since 1998.