Laboratory of Ecological Pathopsychology
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Head of the Laboratory, PhD (Medicine)
Elena Burtovaya

The team of the laboratory conducts research of mental health and socio-psychological problems of the population accidentally exposed to radiation
Areas of research activity:
  • analysis into the status of mental health of the population and their offspring affected by accidental ionizing radiation
  • the impact of non-radiation factors and accidental countermeasures on the psychological state of population
  • modeling of social-psychological situation on the radioactively contaminated territories
  • development of a complex system directed to provide psychological-psychiatric assistance in case of radiation accidents
  • development and introduction of treatment and rehabilitation programs aimed at correction of the psychological status of the exposed population
  • development and implementation of models of outreach activity on issues of residing in areas affected by radioactive contamination.
The laboratory developed:
  • method of psychological correction of psychosomatic diseases and comorbid neurotic disorders in exposed persons
  • метод немедикаментозной коррекции головной боли у лиц, подвергшихся хроническому радиационному воздействию
    method of nonmedical correction of headache in chronically exposed persons

  • method of preclinical diagnostics of cognitive impairment in persons exposed to accidental radiation using neurophysiological biomarkers

  • methods of individual and group psycho-correction of exposed persons and their offspring were developed and implemented at the URCRM Clinical department

Head of the laboratory, PhD (Medicine), psychiatrist, psychotherapist – Elena Burtovaya
Junior researcher, psychiatrist, psychotherapist - Tatiyana Kantina
Junior researcher, psychologist – Elena Litvinchuk
Laboratory technician, psychologist – Irina Kunitsyna
Laboratory technician – N. Rayd