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The Council of Young Scientists and Specialists of the URCRM was organized on May 20, 2014 (Order No.260) to enhance the professional growth of young scientists and the retention of young scientific personnel.

  • Chairman – Evgenia Blinova, PhD in Biological Sciences
  • Vice chairman – Svetlana Tryapitsyna
Number of Council members (as of 2020) - 13.
Evgenia Blinova is also a member of the Council of Young Scientists and Specialists of the FMBA of Russia.

Goal of the Council

Activation of professional growth of young scientists, uniting their efforts to develop relevant scientific problems and solve the priority scientific problems faced by the URCRM, development of innovative activities of young scientists.

Tasks of the Council:
• supporting the scientific initiatives of young scientists and their innovative activities
• uniting the efforts of young scientists and specialists to develop topical scientific problems facing the URCRM
• promoting international and Russian scientific and sociocultural relations with the participation of young scientists of the URCRM
• popularizing the achievements of young scientists.
Участники Всероссийской конференции молодых ученых «Радиобиология. От клетки до биосферы».
Participants of the All-Russian Conference of Young Scientists "Radiobiology. From Cell to Biosphere".
The Council promotes:
  • cooperation among young scientists to organize interdisciplinary, integrated research;
  • the dissemination and implementation of study results of young scientists;
  • information exchange among young scientists and specialists;
  • the organization of itinerant schools, seminars, conferences, exhibitions, forums, congresses, scientific trips of young scientists;
  • the interests of young scientists and specialists in state and municipal institutions, scientific and other organizations, and public associations.