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he open access article FEATURES  OF THE CLINICAL PICTURE AND DYNAMICS OF THE COURSE OF ASTHENIC SYNDROME IN RESIDENTS OF THE SOUTH URALS EXPOSED TO RADIATION: MAIN TRENDS ACCORDING TO RETROSPECTIVE ANALYSIS  (Elena Yu. Burtovaya, Tatiana E. Kantina, Elena A. Litvinchuk) is now available online Siberian Herald of Psychiatry and Addiction Psychiatry № 1 (114), 2022. 

Radiation accidents cause serious long-term radioecological, medical, demographic and sociopsychological consequences, having a negative impact on the health status (organic mental and social stress disorders, psychosomatic diseases) of the exposed population and nuclear production personnel. In the structure of the medical consequences of exposure to ionizing radiation, asthenic syndrome is the most frequently observed pathology both in the early and in the long-term period after irradiation at low doses, which predetermines the need to study the mechanisms of development and dynamics of clinical manifestations of asthenic syndrome in persons exposed to radiation.