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Vladimir Shvedov (1928-2007)

Vladimir Shvedov, in full Vladimir Leontyevich Shvedov (1928–2007), Doctor of Sciences in Medical Sciences, professor, member of the Scientific Council of the Chelyabinsk State University, was one of the founders of the Department of Radiation Biology of the Biology Faculty, Director of the URCRM (1967–1990),radiobiologist-toxicologist, was awarded the Order “Badge of Honor”.

Under his leadership large-scale experimental studies modeling the effects of ionizing radiation in the human population as a result of the accident on Mayak PA in 1957 were conducted; the regularities of tissue dose formation and radiation injuries in various body systems were researched; the long-term effects of chronic exposure to uranium fission products in experimental animals were studied. The results of these studies led to a valid prediction on possible long-term health radiation effects in the population of the Southern Urals and they allowed to organize in time the activities of the URCRM clinic as hematology center. The scientific work of V. L. Shvedov is devoted to radiation toxicology, radiation oncology and embryology, experimental validation of cancer risk as a result of human radiation exposure. Professor Shvedov developed a schematic model of 90Sr induced osteosarcomogenesis.